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Orientation - Read First!

Long before Lisa Lutz became the author of the somewhat successful Spellman novels or the coauthor of the manners manifesto Isabel Spellman's Guide to Etiquette, she offered unprofessional advice in her somewhat regular Ask Lutz column. As a self-proclaimed expert on how one should behave, Lutz devoted herself to the column until she ran out of steam sometime in 2004. There have since been a few attempts to resurrect the column, but Ask Lutz has now officially gone the way of not wearing white after Labor Day, or tolerating the elderly. 

The truth is that Lisa has far more questions than answers. And despite having attended at least four institutions of higher learning, on two continents, her thirst for knowledge remains unquenched. As does her thirst for a degree.* In short, her education is incomplete.

That's why she launched herself into a unique new educational venture. In the short-lived Lutz U endeavor, Lisa tackled a topic of acute interest to herself, and therefore to her readers. By strictly limiting her sources to the foremost experts in each field, or to friends and acquaintances who had heard of those experts, she acquired a depth and breadth of knowledge impossible at any but the most prestigious learning institutions in the world. And she shared it all with you right here at Lutz U, tuition-free.

* College presidents, please note that Lisa is currently considering all offers of honorary degrees that include airfare.

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