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Book Tour So Far

I'm very behind on the blogging because I decided to drive on the initial part of my book tour, instead of flying. I think it's necessary that I blog the following statement: I won't do this again. I hate driving. It's no fun. By the end of the trip, I started getting mad at trucks just for being on the road. I don't like driving or being a passenger. I like trains. My next book tour I'm going to do by train. Maybe.

Day 1: (I'm going backwards now that I got the driving thing off my chest.)

We had a great event at the University Bookstore in Seattle. Stesha Brandon is the event coordinator there and she's really cool and helped make the event go smoothly. I highly recommend having cocktails with her if you ever get the opportunity. I don't recommend drinking those cocktails on an empty stomach.

There was one day of packing and two days of driving in between. None of it went well.

Day 2: (I'm only counting actual book event days.)

I was on West Coast Live today. Anastasia is traveling with me and blogged about it first on her website. So I'm going to link to that.

I do however have more to say on the subject, so there will be another West Coast Live blog post in the future.

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