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Good News

Recently I was interviewed by Lois Hirt, a dental hygienist who writes a column for the Los Angeles Dental Hygienists' Society called “Hygienists in Print”.

Lois is interested in any cultural reference to the dental profession, specifically hygienists.

Shortly after our interview, Lois informed me that she donated (along with an assortment of other dental related material) her copy of The Spellman Files to the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland.

While exploring their website, I became sidetracked by some interesting material on George Washington, famous for many things, but most importantly, his fake teeth. In fact, George has his own exhibit at the museum and the website has a section where you can learn about his life (beyond his teeth), Colonial Dentistry, his actual teeth--the why-he-lost-his-teeth saga--(which dispels the myth that those dentures he wore were wooden—no, they were made out of either hippopotamus or elephant ivory), and his dentist, John Greenwood, who was originally schooled in cabinet making.

Now I remember the point I was going to make: If you wish to relinquish your own copy of my book, might I suggest donating it to a museum?

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