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Hello and Happy Holidays

Welcome to my new website. I've been swamped with a deadline and other nonsense, but I wanted to set a precedent for regular blogs posts. So, against my better judgment, I asked my previous co-author, David Hayward to write the opening blog. It would seem that Dave is still bitter about our previous collaboration and maybe the fact that I managed to finish a whole book in the interim (and hard at work on my next) while he's still toiling away on The Mellman Files.

I hope to maintain consistency with this new blog and may at times invite guest bloggers to do so. But, rest assured, this is the last passive-aggressive nonsense we'll see from Dave.

Yours truly,
Lisa Lutz

Lisa's busy disciplining her staff of servants, so she paid me to write the first blog post on this site, which I guess is supposed to promote her side project The Spilton Files, a series of comedic mystery novels about a family of private investigators. I hear the books are all set in Hawaii. Real original, Lisa. Hello, Magnum P.I.?

If you're the kind of person who likes to spend time on book websites, and you apparently are, I have one question for you: Why this one? Why not a site about a book whose authors cared enough to post their own content, rather than farm it out to other writers? The Heads You Lose website is one such example, chosen at random. It also features lively debate and even a disturbing morning-TV video. Also, the book itself actually has a mystery in it, which I'm told is a real plus for some mystery fans.

Unfortunately, the paperback of Heads You Lose won't be out until April 2012. To kill time before then, I guess you could do worse than to check out the Spingmans and their zany exploits. Aloha means hilarity!

David Hayward

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