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No more counting . . . .

The Spellman Files is officially on sale today. However it's been unofficially on sale at a number of stores for at least a week, which means some very nice people with excellent taste have bought my book and a few people have even read it. One or two of those people have noted some mistakes.

Here are some corrections you can make in your own copy before you begin my book to make your reading experience more fluid:

• Pg. 126, last line—scratch out "Thursday" and write in "Monday."

• Pg. 278, sixth line from top—scratch out "Andrew" write in "Martin."

Also, if you make the change permanently, then if you lend* my book to someone he/she will also enjoy a mistake-free reading experience.

Further instructions: when you make the changes, don't linger on the page reading a passage or two. Please return to the beginning and start there (page 1). And most definitely don't read the last page before you've actually gotten to the last page. I can't stand that! I promise, something will happen.

* Lending is great, but nothing says "I love or like you or would like to make your acquaintance" more than a brand new book. Except, of course, big ticket items, but I’m being budget conscious here.

One Nosy, Nutty Family

Glamour Magazine features THE SPELLMAN FILES as one of their "11 things you'll love this month" (3/07, p. 242)

Books-A-Million President's Pick

THE SPELLMAN FILES is a Books-A-Million President's Pick::

"Meet the Spellmans—a delightfully quirky family of private eyes sure to tickle your funny-bone! You'll laugh out loud as this family uses their unique brand of investigative skills to not only serve their paying customers, but to snoop on each other as they navigate the treacherous waters of being a family, as well. Fun, fresh and hip—I can't wait for their next set of capers!"
Sandra B. Cochran,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Books-A-Million

19 days and counting . . .

I got an email this morning from my webmaster that I should post something to my blog. I spent a full hour prowling the Internet, trying to come up with something to write about, reading other author's blogs to see if I could just copy them with different content. I got nothing.

Then I was reminded of the last time I had blogging block. It was in early 2002 when my friend Biz Stone had a page for me on his website as a guest blogger. I was blogging about the upcoming screening of Plan B, scheduled for the end of January. Because we thought the project was cursed, there were some rituals the director, Greg Yaitanes, insisted I perform on the day of the screening. He gave me paper bag with a bundle of sage in it and a Star Trek novel. The significance had something to do with the Kobayashi Maru. He told me to burn the sage and the book before the screening. I burned the sage, but only managed to singe the corner of the book. I'm kind of afraid of flames—and ovens, certain types of heaters (heat sources in general)—so I couldn't bring myself to burn the book. I rationalized my refusal to do the ritual imagining the irony of performing the ritual to expunge bad fortune and the ritual resulting in bad fortune.

Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of responsibly burning something the night before the publication of my first book. Any suggestions are welcome. . . .

Unsolicited musings

Welcome to my first blog post on website. In this space I am supposed to muse on a variety of topics. I don't do much unsolicited musing, so I hope over time this blog can become more interactive. Feel free to ask me questions about writing, publishing, advice, dog training, etiquette, cooking, gardening, etc. Anything at all. If I can't answer your question with any sense of authority (which will most likely be the case) I will: a) ask an expert b) make something up or c) completely ignore you. But it probably won't be c.

Feel free to email me at

And a friendly reminder: THE SPELLMAN FILES will be in stores on March 13th! Be sure to check out my tour dates too.

Really Smart Snooping

Melissa Mia Hall at Publisher's Weekly talks with Lisa.

Lisa Lutz, a screenwriter, has written her first novel, The Spellman Files, about a fiercely funny family of private detectives.

Where did you get the idea for The Spellman Files?

I worked at a family-run PI firm in San Francisco in the mid '90s for about two years. There was this lovely office—extreme family-like atmosphere. There was nothing corporate about it. But every time the phone rang and you got off the phone, the bosses would harass you about who were you talking to, what did they say, all these rules. There were four phone lines, and you had to answer some of them differently, and some papers had to be shredded. It was a mix of warmth and total paranoia.


 Read full interview.

Par Books 'Spellman', Studio opens 'Files' for Ziskin

Variety features an article on the Spellman movie deal:

Paramount Pictures has optioned Lisa Lutz novel "The Spellman Files" for Laura Ziskin to produce.

San Francisco-set comedy concerns a family of private investigators who use their gumshoe skills not only to crack cases but to pry into one another's personal lives. Generated by Gersh's Gotham office, book caught the fancy of New York execs, including Par's Patricia Burke, earlier this month.

Read more: Par books 'Spellman', Studio opens 'Files' for Ziskin


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