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The Heads You Lose website has launched!

The Heads You Lose website hit the Web today, and it looks like a million bucks. Highlights include a blog in which Lisa once again attempts to explain what the hell she was thinking and a poll that lets you express your relative opinion of the two coauthors. Hint: Hayward is openly soliciting pity votes. But the real highlight might be one of the least likely three-word phrases in the history of the English language: Lisa's Poetry Corner.

Heads You Lose website

Visit the site at: Thanks to Juxtaprose!

Enough with the Postmortem

(Reposting here; originally posted 1/11/11 at

Many authors learned the news today that the L.A. Mystery Bookstore will be closing on January 31st. The store has helped launch many authors' careers (mine included) and has been a major influence on the mystery community for years. It's also one of the few independent bookstores left in West Los Angeles. The odds of a new mystery bookstore springing up to take its place and build a comparable customer base seem beyond remote.

Today Facebook and Twitter are swarming with warm thoughts and condolences as if we were already drinking whiskey at a wake. But I question whether that's an appropriate attitude for authors whose future livelihood will depend, in part, on the existence of independent bookstores.

We can jabber all we want about the publishing model needing to change to adapt to e-books, but if the trajectory continues as it does, the book itself—the kind with pages that you turn with your fingers and not a button—might disappear or be reserved for only the highest level of authors. And when I say "highest level," that can also mean James Patterson.

Call me naive, but I don't understand why we aren't considering another option. While I know most mystery writers are scraping by, there are others who aren't scraping so much. It doesn't seem unrealistic to me that we could pull together enough local writers to invest in the store and keep it alive long enough to figure out how to make it competitive in this hostile climate. If we don't, we're consenting to a process that will soon completely kill the independent bookstore, the book itself, and potentially, many authors' livelihoods.

I, for one, am in. If there's anyone else out there interested in finding a solution, please email me.

The Spellmans on the Small Screen.....

Breaking news: We're hoping to bring the Spellmans to the small screen!

"House" exec producer Greg Yaitanes is aiming to turn the book series "The Spellman Files" into a crime drama for ABC.

Yaitanes, who won an Emmy in 2008 for directing on "House," would helm the project, should it go to pilot. Also on board is newbie scribe Katie Lovejoy, who will write the adaptation and serve as a supervising producer.

The Spellman Files author Lisa Lutz is also involved in a consulting role.

Read full article in Variety

Heads You Lose: Coming Soon!

Heads You LoseOne result of Lisa and the Spellmans' recent break from each other is Heads You Lose, a mystery she co-wrote with David Hayward.

It'll hit stores in April 2011. Fear not, Spellman faithful: Lisa is currently "hard at work" on Spellman V: The Wrath of the Spellmans (okay, that's not the real title), slated for a spring 2012 release.

Bouchercon 2010 Panel: San Francisco Noir

The organizers of the Bouchercon mystery writers' convention have finally yielded to Lisa's complaints and brought the event to her backyard. In return, she'll be discussing San Francisco noir on a panel called "No Minor Vices." Next Friday, Oct. 15, 3pm-4pm at the Hyatt Regency, Grand Ballroom A.

Event details:

Friday, October 15th @ 3 p.m.
San Francisco Noir
Treading a sinister landscape – walking the darker side of San Francisco's streets and exploring the literary crimes committed there
Peter Maravelis (M), David Corbett, Lisa Lutz, Eddie Muller, Kelli Stanley, Domenic Stansberry
Room: Grand Ballroom A
Full Program Info

Join Lisa at the SF Public Library

Lisa will be at the San Francisco Public Library Thursday, August 5th (that's tomorrow!) to read from and discuss the Spellman books. Details here.

San Francisco Public Library (Main Library Branch)
Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room A & B
100 Larkin Street
TIME: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The Spellman Files was chosen for this summer's read for the Library's "On the Same Page" book club!

Free Books Contest and Interviews

Jim Halterman ("entertainment guru") has a great interview with Lisa on his website, and is giving away a complete signed set of all the four SPELLMAN books, as well as two additional signed copies of The Spellmans Strike Again. All entries need to be received by midnight tonight. Check out his website for details.

We've also added links to a few more recent interviews on the More Interviews page on this site, so check those out for some fun reading.

Lisa and Mystery Scene Magazine

Check out the Spring 2010 issue of Mystery Scene magazine with the cover featuring our very own Lisa Lutz!

Spring 2010 Mystery Scene Magazine with Lisa Lutz

The article, by Cheryl Solimini, entitled: Lisa Lutz: The Last of the Spellmans? Everyone's favorite family of private eyes returns—for now, is definitely worth checking out. You can find copies at your local mystery bookstore, or order or subscribe online directly through the Mystery Scene website.

Speaking of mystery bookstores, here's a photo of Lisa with a small army of Free Schmidt! supporters during her annual visit to the Seattle Mystery Bookshop back on April 1st. It's always a fun celebration with cake! Check out Lisa's guest blog post from her visit there as well!

Lisa and the Free Schmidt army in Seattle

2010 Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Lisa has donated signed, first edition, hardcover copies of all four Spellman books to the 2010 Online Auction for Diabetes Research, run by author Brenda Novak.

The bidding starts on May 1st and runs through the month of May. Here is what Brenda has to say about the auction:

Every year, in the month of May, I run my online auction for Diabetes Research. The auction takes a full year to plan and pull off, but it's a labor of love—for all the people who, like my son, suffer from diabetes. . . . Last year, we had another record-breaking year, coming in at $269,111. With all previous years combined we've raised well over three-quarters of a million dollars.

If you'd like to bid on Lisa's books, you can go directly to that page here. Also, check out the other items by clicking on the banner below.

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