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Mouth by Lisa Chen

My friend Lisa Chen’s debut collection of poetry appears to be on sale today. At least that’s what it says on

Upon viewing the page I noticed that the cover was not the cover that Chen had shown me a few weeks back. I immediately emailed her and asked what was up.

The most surprising thing about Chen’s response was that she had not even looked her book up on Amazon, or anywhere else for that matter. The other surprising thing was that Chen claimed this picture was a photograph she had taken in her apartment months ago, while trying to come up with ideas for a book jacket.

The only thing I can say is I hope she’s getting a good deal on rent.

For future reference the actual book jacket has the title of the book on it--mouth--, Lisa Chen's name, a bicycle and graffiti, I believe.

Anyway, I highly recommend this collection of poetry. I am not an expert on poetry, but people who are highly recommend it. Plus, I’m assuming most of the people who read this blog actually know me and maybe know Lisa. This is friendly reminder to purchase many copies of her book.

I would also like to mention that Chen didn’t ask me to write this blog post and will most likely be annoyed that I have.

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