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No more counting . . . .

The Spellman Files is officially on sale today. However it's been unofficially on sale at a number of stores for at least a week, which means some very nice people with excellent taste have bought my book and a few people have even read it. One or two of those people have noted some mistakes.

Here are some corrections you can make in your own copy before you begin my book to make your reading experience more fluid:

• Pg. 126, last line—scratch out "Thursday" and write in "Monday."

• Pg. 278, sixth line from top—scratch out "Andrew" write in "Martin."

Also, if you make the change permanently, then if you lend* my book to someone he/she will also enjoy a mistake-free reading experience.

Further instructions: when you make the changes, don't linger on the page reading a passage or two. Please return to the beginning and start there (page 1). And most definitely don't read the last page before you've actually gotten to the last page. I can't stand that! I promise, something will happen.

* Lending is great, but nothing says "I love or like you or would like to make your acquaintance" more than a brand new book. Except, of course, big ticket items, but I’m being budget conscious here.

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