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Book Tour, Day 3: Monday, we (I) had three events. A book reading/signing at Stacey's in San Francisco, a recording for KQED's Writer's Block and a reading/signing at Capitola Book Cafe (this required a 90 minute drive after the KQED thing). Long day.

Stacey's was great fun. After I started the reading, some of my bosses from Desvernine Associates (the PI firm) crashed the event and helped entertain the crowd with stories from the old days.

This is me with Des and Pamela (she's the person who hired me):

Des, Lisa, and Pamela

Of all the pictures Anastasia has taken during the tour, this one of Des is my favorite:


During our reminiscing I remembered that about ten years ago (while I was working for the firm) I left a fountain pen open on a small desk in Des's office. The pen bled onto the curtain leaving a giant black stain. Apparently, he still has that same stained curtain in his office. Talk about leaving a mark . . .

Book Tour, Day 4: Tuesday, we (Anastasia and I) drove from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles. I got a GPS thing for this book tour, but we couldn't use it because Alistair (GPS speaks to us in a British voice) has a mind of his own. We wanted to take the 101; Alistair the 5. Anyway, even with old-school navigation, we had a fairly easy drive down south. Except there were still too many trucks on the road.

That night (Tuesday evening) we had a great night at Vroman's in Pasadena. Everyone showed in a timely fashion except my family. They were late as usual.

Book Tour, Day 5: We had a great event at Border's in Century City. Check out the cake they had made for the event:

Spellman Cake

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