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Correction # 2

Dear Lisa:

Here’s another glitch for you blog: On page 103 you discuss a scene from “Get Smart” where Max uses 7 different kinds of phones . . . but you list only 6 (including the footnote):

A shoe phone, a wallet phone, eyeglasses phone, tie phone, handkerchief phone, and sock garter phone (by footnote).

Now I’m curious . . . what’s the 7th? . . . or were there only 6?


Doris Childs

* * *

Dear Doris,

Thank you for this fine question. What we have here is something I like to call a “mistake.” Anyone who is reading this blog and has my book in hand should go to page 103 and cross out the number “seven” and write in “six” right above it. (Halfway down the page in the paragraph beginning with KAOS).

I should mention, however, that if this is a library book or a friend’s copy, you might want to ask first before you mark it up. I’m not sure where the library or your friend stands on writing in books.

While it is true I made the above mistake in basic math, I would like to mention why. In the scene involving the variety of camouflaged phones (Season one episode "Satan’s Place"), Max uses all the phones listed above, however, he references having a handkerchief phone. He just never uses it. I suspect I added that one in my head when I was double-checking the numbers.

Thanks again, Doris.

Best wishes,


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