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Home Alone, With a Drill and a Bow

by Lisa Lutz, published in Medium Galleys (February 24, 2016)

Advanced defensive tactics for country living. Read on Medium.


Rule 1: Ignore Rules

by Lisa Lutz, published in the Wall Street Journal (February 18, 2012)

The first rule of writing is that there are no rules. . . . Read on


Please Stop Talking I have to use the Bathroom

by Lisa Lutz, originally published in Friction Magazine (December 2, 2002)

Some people never stop talking, and some people, Lisa Lutz among them, just can't get away from these ramblers to find some peace and quiet. Read right here.


Confessions of a Hollywood sellout

by Lisa Lutz, originally published on (February 2005)

There is no self-help group out there for a screenwriter who wasted a decade of her life rewriting a straight-to-video mob farce. Read on



Lutz U

Prohibited by law from teaching at conventional educational institutions, Lisa has long found other ways to share her wisdom with the world, from the old Ask Lutz advice column to her more recent etiquette guide. Because even her vast knowledge has its limits, Lutz U drew upon the expertise of a series of specialists. Learn some things at Lutz U.



Ask Lutz

Lisa's acclaimed advice column. Read right here.



Plan B

Greg Yaitanes, director; Lisa Lutz, writer (2001)

The movie Variety calls “torturously unfunny." Here's a synopsis of the plot, courtesy of A meek bookkeeper, and widow of a New York Mob victim, must become the hit man for the Mob boss in order to pay back her husband's debt. Instead of carrying out the deeds, she drives each of her proposed victims down to Florida to hide at her estranged brother's house. The boss gets wind that the victims may not be dead, and pays a visit to Florida, where he uncovers her flimsy plan and the hilarity ensues. Buy on or rent from Netflix.