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The Innocence Project: Guest Blog Post

Check out the Innocence Project's blog to read Lisa's post The Spellmans Start a Grassroots Movement. In the post Lisa talks about how the storyline (of Free Schmidt!) in The Spellmans Strike Again came to be.

As she writes:

Recently someone asked me why I became interested in the subject of wrongful convictions. I found that I didn't really have an answer. The subject has always been on my radar, as far as I recall. It's the kind of question that should be answered with a question: How can you not be? Read post at the Innocence Blog.

Interested in being part of the grassroots movement? If so, be sure to check out the Free Schmidt! website for t-shirts and more info. Also, visit the Innocence Project website for more about the cases, and what you can do to help.

Innocence Project Pages in The Spellmans Strike Again

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