The following is a list of known errors (or questions about things) in The Spellman Books.

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Last updated 07/12/2016

Throughout the Books

Spelling of Rae's friend "Ashley": In The Spellman Files and Curse of the Spellmans, Rae's friend (her own age) is Ashley. Specifically on page 363 in Curse of the Spellmans, Rae has Ashley over to celebrate her birthday. Then, in Revenge of the Spellmans, Rae's friend is introduced as Ashleigh (page 69).

Presidio Middle School only goes up to 8th grade, not 9th grade, as Max Goldstein is said to be in. This was on the list of Isabel's ex-boyfriends. He was ex-boyfriend #1.

The Spellman Files

  • pg. 278: Should be Martin Snow, not Andrew snow (2nd paragraph).
  • pg 126: when Petra made a "3:00 pm appointment for the following Monday at the..." Then when Petra was recoding herself, her first is a foggy Thursday afternoon...."
  • pg 112:  "Ray scribbled on a square notepad . . ."  "Ray" should be "Rae"
  • pg 335:  The paragraph opens with:  Isabel Spellman" . . .  --> The left quote before Isabel is missing.
  • It's in The Spellman Files, in the Simon & Schuster paperback (the slightly larger size kind of paperback with a turquoise cover with a black design on the front of someone looking through a magnifying glass), and it happens on p. 12, near the end of the section called "THE FIRSTBORN."  The sentence that goes from the second line to the fourth line reads, "As soon as I developed language skills, I began to document my crimes, not unlike a shop clerk logs inventory." One way to fix it would be to add "the way" after "unlike."  Another way would be to add "how" instead of "the way."  Or one could change "logs" to "logging."
  • p. 106: Ray enumerates his "lucky shirt" days and one is "June second, 1991. Oak Tree." Oak Tree never, ever had racing during June; that was a Fall meet only.
  • p. 87: Saturday night date established Jack Weaver arrives at 6:55 p.m. and by 7:45, they were headed to Bay Meadows. Bay Meadows never raced at night on Saturdays, only Fridays for a short while.
  • Near the end of the book, in the climax of the Snow case (Car Chase #4, starting on p. 322) the scene goes from Larson chasing her through dusk (last rays of the setting sun, etc...) in Marin county to them driving 15 minutes away down the 101 and seeing Andrew (now Andrea) playing in her front yard with two young children. I may just be missing something but I've read it over several times and that seems to be the progression of events. It seems unlikely that a woman would be playing with preschool age children in her front yard after dark, or that, even if she was, they'd be able to see her well as it would be full on dark by then.

Curse of the Spellmans

  • pg. 1 footnote, actor name spelled Joseph Cotton; pg. 50 actor name spelled Joseph Cotten
  • pg. 196 e-mail from Olivia to Isabel (last paragraph) "On another note, ...Isabel, I need you to follow up with RON HOWELL"; page 198 after Izzy's phone conversation with Ron "Howell" (first main paragraph) "I drove to RON FOSTER'S apartment"
  • On pg. 65 David is referred to as being "a thirty-four-year-old son," but in this book he's only thirty-two, two years older than the thirty-year-old Isabel.

Revenge of the Spellmans

  • On page 15, the character of Maggie Mason is introduced as a public defender. Then, on page 52, she is described as an assistant district attorney
  • RE: the PSAT & SAT scoring: for the PSAT - perfect is 240 = 80 + 80 + 80 (dead average is 150); for the SAT - perfect is 2400 = 800 + 800 + 800 (dead average is 1500 = 500 +500 +500); 1795 is an okay score; (not amazing) ~ 600 + 600 + 600 = 1800 okay scores; over 2200 is a great score
  • page 40 Linda Black lives in San Bruno (and on page 74 Linda Black lives in Burlingame)
  • page 118 When Isabel finds David's box she smells the" marijuana" and says it is oregano (page 138: When she confronts him she says it is basil)
  • Also, I cannot find where Petra is explained in this book prior to the party.

The Spellmans Strike Again

  • On page 21/22: there is a footnote regarding the liquor that Izzy takes from her brother. The footnote denotes Glenlivet - at the top of page 22 it says she is drinking "bourbon" - we now know that Glenlivit is Scotch! And that it's called 'The Glenlivet' not just 'Glenlivet'
  • The Butler's Secret (pages 196-197): Mason Graves is referred to as "Manson" three times, once on page 196 and twice on page 197.
  • "We watched moves and ate popcorn," Dad replied. ("movies" misspelled; p. 175)

Trail of the Spellmans

  • page 296, in the middle of the page, "No, thank you.  But your troubles are for more interesting... I think you meant "far" more interesting.
  • Page 1 says "2330 hrs", page 2 says "2345 hrs", so, the time is 11:45. On page 2 Isabel receives a phone call from her Dad. He says Mom is not at home, she is at "origami or pie making." She is taking a class at 11:45 at night? Page 4 and Isabel is at home after the stakeout. Her Mom is on the couch watching the evening news. Wouldn't it be after midnight now? Again, on page 1 it is noted in a different font, which stands out, that the time is 2330, or 11:30 pm.
  • page 79: and involves the footnote numbers in the bottom paragraph.  Their order is reversed, (2, 1).
  • page 87: Daniel Castillo is noted as ex boyfriend #11. I think he should be ex boyfriend #9.
  • in footnote 2, p 270: I believe Robbie has written an "algorithm", not a "logarithm" to match the pace of the J Train. Though...perhaps it makes sense that Isabel would hear it as logarithm, which is cleverly an anagram of algorithm, and this is not a typo after all, but a gotcha back at the readers? Perhaps Isabel was too struck by the accuracy of the metaphor, which I know from visiting my brother who lives on the edge of Delores Park, serviced by the glacial J-Church streetcar, and decided to make a subtle dig at those of us who like to play on the gotcha squad, to see who she could snare in the semantic trap?