Check out these interrogations, um we mean, interviews:

Interview #1: The Interrogation (Lisa Lutz and J. Rentilly of Pages Magazine): Read Interview

Interview #2: The Interrogation Continues (Q & A with Lisa): Read Interview

And even more....

The following are links to external websites.

Time to Read with Lisa Lutz on The Last Word and all things Spellman Rick Kleffel's Agony Column Podcast (07/13) [direct MP3 link]

Full-length, in-depth, unedited interview with Lisa Lutz by Rick Kleffel (08/13) [direct MP3 link]

Reading & Writing Podcast Jeff Rutherford interviews Lisa (08/10)

One-on-One with SPELLMANS author Lisa Lutz… Jim Halterman interviews Lisa (05/10)

The Light Side and the Dark Side from Inside the Writer's Cafe with Cheryl Nason

Blogcritics Books Interview with Lisa Lutz part of Scott Butki's Book Time: Interviews with Authors (04/10)

20 Questions with Lisa Lutz from PopMatters (03/10)

Interview on WVXU featuring Lisa Lutz and her book Revenge of the Spellmans (mp3; 07/09)

January Magazine Author Snapshot, interview by Linda L. Richards (3/09)

Free Book Friday Book Giveaway (includes link to audio interview) by Jessica Brody (2/09)

Newsvine Interview With Lisa Lutz, Author of Curse of the Spellmans by Scott Butki (2/21/08)

David English interviews Lisa for "David's Book Talk". Published by the Leisure Talk Radio Network (mp3, 55 minutes; 2/08)

Tome Raider: Farm Girl Makes Good by Karla Starr, Seattle Weekly (3/28/07)

Interview with Lisa Lutz, Author of The Spellman Files by Scott Butki at (3/2/07)