Lutz U

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Sleep Studies

After another sleepless night wondering about the causes of insomnia, Lisa turns to her old pal Dr. Pedram Navab, a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist, for some answers.

Sleep Studies image

Remedial Woodshop

Lisa is dying to build in-wall bookshelves. But first, she consults with Neil Finocchiaro, a musician, writer, filmmaker, pool player, and carpenter.

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Geology 101 / Intro. Religion

This week Lisa corresponds with Bryan VanMeter about frozen lakes and miracles. Bryan is a Wisconsin native who loves to fish on water as well as ice. He is also a proud member of the Crimespree crew, for whom he writes reviews and interviews authors.

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Bad Nature 101: Cluster Fly

In this session of Lutz U, Lisa exchanges emails with her old friend Devin Jindrich, Ph.D., who directs the Laboratory for Integrative Motor Behavior (LIMB) lab at California State University, San Marcos. 

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