Curse of the Spellmans: Cast of Characters

Who You'll Come to Know Better in Curse of the Spellmans

Subject: Isabel (Izzy) Spellman
Age: 30
Occupation: Private Investigator, Spellman Investigations
Hobby: Running credit checks on potential boyfriends
Salient Characteristic: Inherent distrust of all other Spellmans

Name: David Spellman
Age: 32
Relationship to Subject: Brother
Occupation: Lawyer; Fincher, Grayson, Stillman & Morris
Salient Characteristic: Perfect in every way?

Name: Rae Spellman
Age: 16
Relationship to Subject: Sister
Hobby: Family blackmail
Salient Characteristic: Addicted to sugary snacks

Name: Henry Stone
Age: 44
Occupation: Police Inspector
Hobbies: Cleaning
Salient characteristic: Refuses to negotiate with Rae

Name: Mort Schilling
Age: 82
Occupation: Retired Criminal Defense Attorney
Hobbies: Lunch and defending Isabel in court
Salient characteristic: Coke bottle glasses and hearing loss

Name: John “Subject” Brown
Age: 32-36
Occupation: “Landscaper”
Hobbies: “Gardening”
Salient characteristic: Very suspicious

Name: Albert Spellman
Relationship to Subject: Father
Occupation: Private Investigator; Spellman Investigations; formerly vice squad, SFPD
Secret: Late-night snacking
Salient Characteristic: goofy, affable charm that elicits trust

Name: Olivia Montgomery Spellman
Relationship to Subject: Mother
Occupation: Private Investigator, Spellman Investigations
Hobby: Setting daughter up on dates with lawyers
Salient Characteristic: Distrust of dentists

Name: Daniel Castillo
Relationship to Subject: Ex-boyfriend #9
Occupation: Dentist
Hobbies: Tennis, bad cooking
Salient Characteristic: Long, elegant, cocoa-colored legs

Name: Petra Clark
Age: 30
Relationship to Subject: Best friend since eighth grade
Occupation: Hair stylist
Salient Characteristic: Tattoo of Puff the Magic Dragon