Curse of the Spellmans: Reading Group Guide

Suggested Questions for Discussion:

1. Is Henry only interested in Rae's welfare or are there other reasons he's let himself become a de facto Spellman?

2. Why should Subject's complimentary remarks about Izzy's haircut tip her off that he probably isn't the right man for her?

3. Does Izzy jump the gun on her suspicions or would you feel comfortable dating someone as private as Subject?

4. Does Mrs. Spellman already sense Izzy's feelings for Henry when she asks Izzy to masquerade as his fiancée?

5. How could Izzy and Petra's Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day "modifications" of Mrs. Chandler's holiday tableaus be adjusted to make more of a political statement?

6. Are Rae's duplicitous emails to her vacationing parents entirely self-serving or do they actually help her parents' marriage?

7. What Spellman parenting techniques/aphorisms would you incorporate into your own child(ren)'s upbringing?

8. In which Olympic sport could you envision Izzy competing? Why?

9. What does Izzy's evolution from addictively watching Get Smart to Dr. Who say about her? Do you think Izzy will see the upcoming movie adaptation of Get Smart?

10. Other than professionally, in what ways do the Spellmans' suspicious natures and surveillance habits benefit them as a family?

11. Despite knowing her dating habits, both Mort and Daniel offer to set Izzy up romantically. Do you know someone-real or fictional-that you would like to introduce her to? Who is it and why do you think they would hit it off?

12. Imagine you're a bartender inventing the Izzy Spellman cocktail. What would be in it?